Our Services

Field Case Management:

  • Our primary goal is to ensure the injured worker receives proper treatment in a timely manner and achieves maximum medical improvement as quickly as possible. This promotes a more optimal return to work date.
  • We schedule and attend all physician appointments. We make the injured worker aware of the dates, times, and locations of their appointments.
  • We meet with the physician to discuss the diagnosis and confirm a causal relation to the injury.
  • We inform the physician of return to work options available for the injured worker. If the employer can and is willing to accommodate restricted duty, we make sure the physician is aware. This allows for decreased lost time.
  • We provide appointment updates to the employer and the insurance company, therefore alleviating the employer wait time and expediting the status of the injured worker's treatment.
  • We coordinate all ancillary appointments, such as therapy, diagnostics, transportation, etc., if needed.
  • We explain the workers' comp process to the injured worker and the insurance adjuster.

Return to Work Programs:

  • We coordinate with employers to design return to work programs to adhere to the physician's restrictions.
  • We work with employers to design a ramp-in program for those injured workers who have been off work for a significant length of time.
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